Using ECLAIR SaaS makes your life easier

As discussed in a recent blog, there are several reasons why you may decide to use ECLAIR SaaS rather than On-Premise:


Limited or no installation or updates are required

Your users don’t need to install or update ECLAIR on their computers. That means they can get static analysis results more quickly and easily. Or they can install the lightweight ECLAIR Client Kit that enables them to use ECLAIR results in their favorite IDE. They can still install the full ECLAIR tool if they wish, as long as the SaaS agreement is combined with an ordinary on-premise license.


You can receive even better support

BUGSENG's support team can immediately see exactly what your users see. If you’re using our consulting services we can provide support more quickly and help ensure rapid project progress and accurate monitoring of all activities.


It’s flexible and efficient

It’s easy to scale-up and add extra users or computing power to accommodate more projects. The annual subscription matches the budgeting model followed by an increasing number of companies and, with BUGSENG, there’s no customer lock-in. If you change your mind, you can replicate the SaaS setup on-premises at any time with a suitable ECLAIR license.

The service is based on ECLAIR's powerful Jenkins interface and is parameterized on the number of users. We offer shared servers as well as dedicated servers. These can be with or without replication in different data-centers and/or on customers’ premises for stronger guarantees of availability and reproducibility. Of course, this all happens with robust non-disclosure agreements in place.


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