Did you know ECLAIR spares you completely from the configuration effort related to the toolchain?

One of the notable features of ECLAIR consists in the fact that the hardest part of the configuration, namely the adaptation to the compiler toolchain and the particular language dialect(s) used in the project, is fully automatic: ECLAIR detects, without user intervention, all the implementation-defined behaviours, including predefined macros, taking into account all options given to the compiler, assembler, linker and librarian.

White Paper: Jumpstarting MISRA compliance via the integration of static analysis into Open Source CI systems: best practices and key elements from

Over the last two years has integrated ECLAIR, BUGSENG’s MISRA tooling, into TrustedFirwmare’s Open CI as part of the validation efforts for both TF-A and TF-M. These verification efforts provide additional confidence in regards to Functional Safety and Security for users of these projects.

Did you know ECLAIR 3.13.0 comes with full GitHub support?

ECLAIR 3.13.0 supports Sarif and can be integrated seamlessly into the typical GitHub workflow: ECLAIR automatically analyzes pull requests, adding comments to the corresponding thread so that developers are immediately informed about code criticalities and perform all the required changes before the merge. Open IMUtility project to get an idea of how it works.


Did you know ECLAIR can enforce software architectural constraints?

You know that defining the right software architecture is probably the most important step towards a successful project. Strict adherence to the software architectural constraints is then essential: What if a programmer bypasses the hardware abstraction layer? What if another one unknowingly introduces a dependency that may cause a highly critical component to fail as a consequence of a failure in a less critical or non critical component?

The (Embedded) Software Industry Must Up the Game: BUGSENG Has a Revolutionary Solution for C Programming


On February 1st, 2023, Jen Easterly and Eric Goldstein published an article on the Foreign Affairs journal titled: "Stop Passing the Buck on Cybersecurity: Why Companies Must Build Safety Into Tech Products." Jen Easterly is the Director of CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security of the United States; Eric Goldstein is Executive Assistant Director at CISA.

BUGSENG Consulting Services – selected by the Zephyr Project to move Zephyr towards MISRA Compliance


The Zephyr® Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation, aims to build a safe, secure and flexible real-time operating system (RTOS) for space-constrained devices. With more than 1200 contributors, Zephyr is one of the fastest growing open source and broadly contributed RTOS projects of its kind. It currently supports more than 350 boards, more than any other RTOS.


30thNovember, Department of Engineering Parma University 

To celebrate the C++ Day 2019, we are happy to announce that our CTO Roberto Bagnara will give a talk about "MISRA C++: A Subset of C++ for the Development of High-Integrity Systems".  The talk has been coauthored by Roberto and Chris Tapp who, among other things, is the Chairman of the MISRA C++ Working Group.  The abstract of the talk follows.

ECLAIR 3.6.0 has been released


ECLAIR version 3.6.0 contains numerous enhancements and some bug fixes:

  • Support has been added for MISRA C:2012, Revision 1;
  • Support has been added for the BARR-C:2018 coding standard.

Also, due to many improvements to the checkers and associated tools:

  • the number of false positives has been reduced;
  • the number of false caution reports has been reduced and some true caution reports have been converted to violation reports;
  • the report messages have been improved.

ECLAIR Qualification Kits have been released


After three years of intensive research and development, we are proud to announce the release of ECLAIR Qualification Kits.

ECLAIR Qualification Kits provide direct, explicit support for several functional safety standards such as CENELEC EN 50128 (railway), ECSS-Q-ST-80C (space), IEC 61508 (industrial), IEC 62304 (medical), ISO 26262 (automotive), RTCA DO-178C/DO-330 (aerospace) and for all major MISRA coding standards.

Gli ultimi sviluppi della norma MISRA C e la sua adozione presso FCA

Workshop pubblico gratuito

Torino, 22 novembre 2019

Centro Ricerche FIAT - Orbassano (Torino)

Posti limitati: pre-registrazione obbligatoria


Il software imbarcato (embedded) nei dispositivi gioca un ruolo sempre più importante in ogni settore industriale, in quello automotive in modo particolare, dove l'importanza del software investe aspetti di sicurezza non più trascurabili.

BUGSENG at IWES-2019 Workshop in Naples


We are happy to announce that our CTO Roberto Bagnara will be giving two presentations (see the abstracts below) at the fourth Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES), which will take place from September 30th to October 1st in Naples.

The Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES) is a meeting point for the exchange of research experience in academy and industry on all aspects of embedded systems.


MISRA C e il suo ruolo chiave per la conformità agli standard industriali di sicurezza del software

Workshop pubblico gratuito

Pisa, 25 giugno 2019

Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio (PI)



Il software imbarcato (embedded) nei dispositivi gioca un ruolo sempre più importante in ogni settore industriale. In molti di questi settori l'importanza del software investe aspetti di sicurezza non più trascurabili.

ECLAIR 3.5 has been released

ECLAIR version 3.5 contains, besides numerous enhancements to all parts of the system, major
efficiency improvements: memory consumption has been cut to half and analysis speed has
been doubled or more
, without any impact on analysis precision (speedups up to 6x have been

Meet us at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg, 26-28 February 2019

The BUGSENG team will be exhibiting at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg.

We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our tools, verification services, and training. You’ll find us on stand 4-545.

Our CTO, Roberto Bagnara, will also be speaking at the conference. His presentation: "The MISRA C Coding Standard: A Key Enabler for the Development of Safety and Security Critical Embedded Software" is at 10:30AM on Tuesday 26 February 2019.

New paper on MISRA C

At the 25th Static Analysis Symposium, SAS 2018, which took place on August 29-31 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, Roberto Bagnara gave a highly-successful tutorial on "The MISRA C Coding Standard and its Role in the Development and Analysis of Safety- and Security-Critical Embedded Software".

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