Verification Services

BUGSENG Verification Services are designed to help our Customers assure the quality of the code created inside and outside of their organization and to help them address quality and security mandates and coding standards.

BUGSENG Engineers regularly conduct software audit reviews and coding standards compliance verifications for our Customer; we provide also support in the definition of refactory plans to gradually bring the source code base into conformance.

Leveraging the flexibility and power of ECLAIR, we can develop custom code verifiers for the automatic verification of the conformity of code with respect to rules and criteria defined by and for Customer. We can also provide support with the automatization of complex software transformations and refactorings, including the porting to 64-bit architectures and to Unicode text representations.

MISRA Service

Organizations across a wide variety of industries and applications including automotive, rail, aerospace, and medical sectors incorporate MISRA guidelines as part of their development testing efforts. The BUGSENG MISRA Service can help you address this requirement. Our professionals can help our Customers address coding standard issues and enforce MISRA C and MISRA C++ rules with our ECLAIR verification platform.

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