Training and Education

BUGSENG full training services on the effective deployment and use of its own products help ensure Customers are getting the most out of their technology investment.

In addition, BUGSENG delivers both public and customized on-site courses that may be specifically tailored to your company's needs. Course topics include: the pitfalls of C and C++ programming; secure coding practices in C and C++; coding standards; integration of automatic software verification tools in the development workflow.

The courses are delivered by BUGSENG's highly-qualified instructors and designed so that, after attending a course, attendees are immediately able to implement practices and apply the learned information to everyday work situations.

Standard Courses

Next Online Sessions - 2022
September 12-16 (20h, held in Italian) - Registrations are open until September 2
November 14-18 (20h, held in English) - Registrations are open until November 4


Next Online Sessions - 2022
July 26 (6h, held in Italian)   Drop us an email to request another session in Italian
October 7 (6h, held in English) - Registrations are open until October 4

Customized Courses

  • ECLAIR use: from basic to advanced
  • Floating-point traps and pitfalls for the professional programmer


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