1. Free initial strategy call

Every BUGSENG consultancy project starts with a NDA and a call to share details of the project. We run a preliminary analysis and create an initial assessment report. This is free of charge.


  1. Feasibility study – this may be all you need

If you’re happy to proceed we collect more information and quote for a feasibility study. Once accepted, we study the project in depth and provide a highly detailed report listing all the actions required to bring the project into compliance. For some projects this report is enough – you can complete the project following our precise guidelines with no further input from us.


  1. Bespoke consultancy and training

If further consulting work is needed we will provide a customized quote and defined operating mode. We are highly flexible about how the project is structured but most customers find a bundle of consulting, training and license services most effective.


Book a free MISRA strategy call


We help our Customers assure the quality of the code created inside and outside of their organization and help them address quality and security requirements and coding standards. In particular, we have strong experience in the application of the MISRA coding standards to new as well as existing projects. BUGSENG engineers regularly conduct software audit reviews and coding standards compliance verification; they also provide support in the definition of refactory plans to gradually bring the source code base into compliance.


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