Introduction to ISO 19014:2018

ISO 19014, “Earth-moving machinery — Functional safety,” is a series of international functional-safety standards applicable to the design and development of all safety-related parts of machine-control systems (MCS) in earth-moving machinery and its equipment. It is a sector-specific implementation of the IEC 61508 series of standards and its first edition was published in 2018 [5].

ISO 19014 approach to risk management is based on the determination of the Machine Performance Level (MPL) for each safety-related part of control systems; the MPL specifies the ability of such parts to perform a safety-related function under reasonably foreseeable conditions [5]. There are six MPL: QM, a, b, c, d, and e. The MPLs a–e correspond to the Performance Levels (PL) a–e of ISO 13849- 1:2015 “Safety of machinery — Safety-related parts of control systems.” Thus, MPL e corresponds to the most critical safety-related functions, i.e., those that have potential for severely life-threatening or fatal injury in the event of a malfunction and that, consequently, require a Probability of Dangerous Failure per Hour (PFHd) less than 10−7 .

The software aspects of ISO 19014 are treated in its Part 4 “Design and evaluation of software and data transmission for safety-related parts of the control system”

Role of ECLAIR in Ensuring Compliance with ISO 19014:2020

The ECLAIR Software Verification Platform can be used to comply with several of the methods and measures required by ISO 19014 Part 4 “Design and evaluation of software and data transmission for safety-related parts of the control system”. In addition, the ECLAIR Fusa Pack greatly simplifies obtaining all the confidence-building evidence that is required to make a solid argument justifying the use of ECLAIR in safety-related projects.


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