MISRA compliance troubleshooting for project success

Mon, 02/15/2021 - 09:11

The last year has been tougher than most, particularly for time-critical projects. Juggling new remote work patterns with extra home and family responsibilities has sent stress and anxiety levels soaring. When your engineers are working on safety and time critical projects, pushing them to commit to longer working hours over weeks or months is more likely to lead to burn-out than project success.


When the pressure’s on, MISRA compliance is often pushed too far back in the project timetable. That risks the entire project derailing and even more sleepless nights for the program manager. But, there is a much more effective answer than asking your engineers to spend more late nights and weekends at their laptop.


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Don’t keep making demands on your team – a MISRA compliance troubleshooter will be more effective


All BUGSENG’s consultancy projects are clearly and carefully negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For example, our consultants can be a valuable extra resource working side-by-side with your team. All activities are organized efficiently to ensure you meet your deadlines; progress is closely monitored with our Continuous Integration system equipped with the ECLAIR static analysis system.


In some scenarios the success or failure of the entire project, team or manager is at stake. Here, we can take organizational responsibility for coordinating all the MISRA compliance work. Our consultants are highly experienced and will work to resolve any compliance violations or raise proper deviation. In addition, as independent MISRA experts, they can act as an authoritative proxy between managerial and engineering teams, absorbing and mitigating any frictions that may have built up during the project.


Let’s put you back in control – here’s how it works in 3 simple steps



  1. Free initial strategy call

Every BUGSENG consultancy project starts with a NDA and a call to share details of the project. We run a preliminary analysis and create an initial assessment report. This is free of charge.


  1. Feasibility study – this may be all you need

If you’re happy to proceed we collect more information and quote for a feasibility study. Once accepted, we study the project in-depth and provide a highly detailed report listing all the actions required to bring the project into compliance. For some projects this report is enough – you can complete the project following our precise guidelines with no further input from us.


  1. Bespoke consultancy and training

If further consulting work is needed we will provide a customized quote and defined operating mode. We are highly flexible about how the project is structured but most customers find a bundle of consulting, training and license services most effective.


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1 March 14.30-15.00, SESSION 6.2 Software & Systems-Engineering: Languages & Standards: MISRA. Roberto Bagnara will be presenting: BARR-C:2018 and MISRA C:2012: Synergy Between the Two Most Widely Used C Coding Standards.


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Roberto Bagnara, PhD is CTO of BUGSENG, a leading provider of solutions and services for static code analysis. He is also a member of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C Standardization Working Group and the MISRA C Working Group.



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