Game-changing qualification services and tool features

Mon, 11/09/2020 - 10:29

This month, the BUGSENG team is launching a raft of new services and support for developers, QA and safety teams. We’ve designed them in response to feedback from our customers about the continual challenges you face balancing safety with available resources, budgets and project deadlines. Our new ECLAIR 3.9.0 release has three valuable new features to help you.

1. Jenkins plug in: saving time and improving safety

We have introduced a new plug in for Jenkins, the free open-source automation server. This will allow multiple developers, working on the same project, to automate tests on the code they commit to a central depository. This is a huge boost to both convenience and safety.

Developers can now use ECLAIR without executing the analysis on their laptop. This will save them a great deal of time, as they no longer need to configure ECLAIR themselves. A functional safety manager can write a centralized configuration of ECLAIR on the Jenkins server for everyone to use, and supervise the way they use it.

Developers can still run ECLAIR on their own machine, in addition to running it on the Jenkins server. We are confident our new Jenkins interface compares very favorably with any other version currently available. You can see exactly how it works in our webinar demonstration.

2. 100% coverage of MISRA C:2012 Revision 1 with Amendment 2

This new version of ECLAIR provides 100% coverage of MISRA C:2012 Revision 1 with Amendment 2, which allows coding MISRA-compliant projects in C11 and C18. 100% coverage means all 175 guidelines, including the directives, are supported.

3. Additional support for our automotive customers

ECLAIR 3.9.0 significantly strengthens our range of services and support dedicated to the automotive sector. For example, it provides direct support to satisfy objectives listed in ISO 26262:2018 Part 6 Tables 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 10. You can find the full, technical brochure here. Of particular interest in ECLAIR 3.9.0 is the new support available for project partitioning and automated detection of interference: we introduced this in our previous blog. We are also running a free webinar on this subject on 17 November – you can register here.

Our new qualification service for all functional safety standards

Many safety teams already use our qualification kits to obtain all the evidence required to justify the use of ECLAIR in safety-related projects. These kits contain documents, test suites, procedures and automation facilities to enable you to carry out all the necessary quality tests and produce a report. Our kits are designed so that an experienced professional can carry out this work in approximately two weeks (without the kit we estimate proper qualification could take months).

We are now introducing a qualification service where highly-experienced BUGSENG engineers will carry out these verification tests for you. We reproduce your operational environment and use case precisely, including using exactly the same version of ECLAIR, and perform ECLAIR validation running tens of thousands of validated tests including the Solid Sands MISRA suites. We also produce the qualification report and maintain the records for five years.

We’re delighted our customers can now choose between buying a qualification kit, and using our qualification service. We’ve summarized the two options in this short factsheet to help you decide which would work best for you. If you’re still unsure, please contact us; we’re always happy to discuss your options in more detail.

We can even offer a discount if your circumstances change. If you decide to buy the kit, and then find you lack the time or resources to complete a particular project, we can offer a discount on our qualification service. Similarly, if you choose our consultancy service and later recruit in-house expertise, we can give you a discount on the qualification kit.

As always, please do contact us if you have any questions. You can also join our LinkedIn community to keep up to date with all our news and webinar dates.

Roberto Bagnara, PhD is CTO of BUGSENG, a leading provider of solutions and services for static code analysis. He is also a member of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C Standardization Working Group and the MISRA C Working Group.



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