Free Analysis Services for GitHub Projects: Call for Proposals

Wed, 01/18/2023 - 12:46


BUGSENG is selecting 5 GitHub-hosted open-source projects to be the recipients of free static analysis services for the automatic checking of the MISRA C/C++ coding standards.  The free service will last for 6 months and can be renewed depending on the quantity and quality of feedback received from the project contributors.  There is no a priori limit to the number of times the service can be renewed: keep the feedback coming and the free service may well be forever.

Do you contribute to a project that may be interested?

Then please get in touch with and provide some initial detail: we will be back to you if we need more. Priority will be given to projects that are:

  1. actively seeking MISRA compliance or some sort of MISRA readiness;
  2. contributed to by a lively community;
  3. not backed up by multinational companies;
  4. critical (safety-critical and/or security-critical and/or mission-critical).

This is an open call with no deadline: project proposals can come at any time, and if they are interesing, we will serve more than the 5 projects initially planned.


Have a look at what ECLAIR looks like integrated into GitHub:


IMUtility Project


BUGSENG and Open Source: Roots, Respect and Recognition

BUGSENG is deeply rooted in the open-source-software movement: we use open-source software and we always contributed to open-source software.

For instance, BUGSENG distributes the Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL), an open-source library for the manipulation of polyhedra and other numerical abstractions: the papers describing it have more than 300 citations in the scientific literature tracked by Scopus; it is used in dozens of applications, which also go beyond its original scope of application, namely software verification. For instance, it is used in innovative techniques for the placement of drone-sensing devices to protect critical infrastructure from attacks via drones.

BUGSENG understands, respects and recognizes the contribution of the open-source-software movement to the development of humanity and wishes to keep being a part of it.




We are a passionate team of experts. Do not hesitate to let us have your feedback:
You may be surprised to discover just how much your suggestions matter to us.