The ECLAIR static analysis tool boosts productivity and ROI

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 10:27

Managing software development projects is a tough job. You’re constantly juggling resources, deadlines, budgets and risk. It’s like running a small city.

At BUGSENG, we’re always looking at ways we can support our customers; not just developers and software engineers, but also project managers. With that in mind, we would like to highlight how our entry-level ECLAIR B package can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of static analysis tools.

We’d also like to give you the opportunity to sign up for our free webinars specifically designed to support project managers with MISRA compliance projects.

An innovative software verification tool with minimal up-front costs

Our ECLAIR B package for up to 5 users can be purchased at a super competitive price. It’s also easy to integrate into any development environment and produces high quality results. In short, the ROI is compelling. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits for project managers:

• The most extensive coverage of BARR-C:2018 available on the market

We’ve designed ECLAIR B to help development, QA and safety teams working on projects that are not highly regulated but where quality of implementation is still important. It is not a MISRA package: the main coding standard is BARR-C:2018 (which, nonetheless, has a significant intersection with MISRA C:2012). But it is a highly effective platform for automating the analysis and verification of C and C++ programs that do not yet require MISRA compliance. In fact, ECLAIR B offers the most extensive coverage of BARR-C:2018 available on the market.

• A boost for productivity and quality

ECLAIR B incorporates the ECLAIR Bug Finder: a fast static analyzer able to detect bugs and weaknesses that can lead to crashes, misbehaviors, and security vulnerabilities in C and C++ source code. It also has 48 source code metrics (including the ones defined by HIS) that provide a very convenient way to keep projects under control. ECLAIR automatically produces the compliance reports required to meet contractual obligations and industrial standards.

• No stress: easy to integrate and free consultancy

ECLAIR is flexible, highly configurable and easy to integrate into your software development workflow and environment. It has a sophisticated and user-friendly interface that fully integrates with popular IDEs and extensible editors. This is a major time saver for developers because the tool automatically points them to the precise place in the code referenced by the tool warning, and they can navigate the various reports without leaving the IDE. We also offer free consultancy services for the initial configuration to ensure a smooth transition to ECLAIR from any other tool.

Why wouldn’t you choose ECLAIR B?

We designed this ECLAIR B package because we understand that project managers have a huge number of decisions to make, every single day. And, we wanted to make that process easier. ECLAIR B has a low entry cost and is easy to integrate into your project workflow. Most importantly, it produces results that can save you money, boost productivity and improve code quality. If and when MISRA requirements come in, transitioning from ECLAIR B to any ECLAIR MISRA package is the easiest thing you can imagine.

You can find the full technical specification for our ECLAIR B package in this brochure. If you missed our recent practical ECLAIR webinar, where we demonstrated going from 140 MISRA C:2012 violations to zero on a live project, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.

Check out our new webinars – they’re free

We’ve already run a highly successful series of webinars this year that have been extremely popular with developers and engineers, as well as many project managers. In our new series of webinars we’d like to highlight two that we have devised specifically with project managers in mind.

Title: MISRA Compliance: 2020 for Project Managers

Date and time: Tuesday 23 June 2020, 11:00 - 12:00 CEST

Register here

Title: MISRA Compliance and Legacy/Third-Party Code

Date and time: Thursday 3 September 2020, 11:00 - 12:00 CEST

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Everyone - project managers, developers, engineers and QA professionals - is welcome to join us at any of our webinars. You can find the full schedule, along with details of how to book your place, here. And of course, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Roberto Bagnara, PhD is CTO of BUGSENG, a leading provider of solutions and services for static code analysis. He is also a member of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C Standardization Working Group and the MISRA C Working Group.



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