ECLAIR 3.3 has been released

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 19:29

ECLAIR version 3.3 contains substantial new functionality over the previous versions and offers significant improvements in all aspects of the system.

Most notably:

  • there is a brand new GUI that makes it very simple to configure a project for static analysis with ECLAIR;
  • a new service, called B.EXPLAIN, outputs a natural language description for each ECLAIR configuration in force;
  • configuration templates are provided for global configurations and for each supported service (e.g., coding rule checkers);
  • reports suitable for printing can now be generated in the OpenDocument Text format (which can be easily turned into, e.g., PDF);
  • the suppression mechanisms allow more fine-grained control, which is very useful when dealing with all the not-completely-defined behaviors of C and C++.

The configuration language, ECL, has also further improved and simplified.

While ECLAIR 3.3 is mostly backward compatible with ECLAIR 3.2, the syntax of some configuration options has changed. As usual, to facilitate users in the transition, BUGSENG provides a free update service: let us have your old configuration files and we will send the new ones to you.

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