ECLAIR 3.11.0 has been released

Thu, 07/15/2021 - 14:34

ECLAIR 3.11.0 is packed with exciting new features and lots of improvements!

Here is a selection

  • You can now automate the large part of filing tickets on issue-tracking systems in order to assign tickets based on static analysis findings to your coworkers. With just a click, all ticket fields can be filled, including a screenshot of the violation report main area. Have a look!
  • New reports in tabular format can be produced in Microsoft Excel format as well as in LibreOffice Calc and Calc format. These reports feature the dynamic selection of detail ("more detail", "less detail") and include the justification given for each deviation in conformity with MISRA Compliance:2020.
  • Summary reports can also be produced in native DOC format.
  • There is a brand new plugin for Visual Studio (not to be confused with Visual Studio Code, which was already supported).
  • The Jenkins plugin has been further improved: Jenkins pipelines are now fully supported.
  • Even more powerful report selection facilities have been added: these allow easy prioritization of the work toward compliance.
  • Support for the MISRA standards has been extended and improved in several respects.
  • Documentation has been vastly improved at all levels.


Join us on September 29th 2021, 11.00am CEST. Our team will guide you through all these new helpful tools to maximize your use of ECLAIR. A final Q&A session will allow you to ask questions and tips. This will prove especially useful to current users, to freshen up their knowledge of the tool, as well as to future users to get a good overview.


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