BUGSENG launches the ECLAIR FuSa Pack to complete its functional safety ecosystem

Wed, 03/30/2022 - 12:09

Certified ECLAIR Software Verification Platform® accelerates the development and certification of functional-safety applications


BUGSENG has launched a new certified functional safety package for its ECLAIR Software Verification Platform. This enables customers to accelerate the development of safety-critical software and its certification in compliance with ISO 26262:2018 (for any ASIL), IEC 61508:2010 and EN 50128:2011 (for any SIL), IEC 62304:2006 (for any software safety class), and ISO 25119:2018 (for any SRL).

BUGSENG functional safety ecosystem for ECLAIR now includes:

  • ECLAIR Qualification Kits, with extensive documentation, test suites and test automation for all functional safety standards, including RTCA DO-178C/DO-330;
  • ECLAIR Qualification Service, whereby BUGSENG highly-qualified personnel join forces with customers’ safety teams in taking care of ECLAIR qualification following the prescriptions of functional safety standards;
  • the new ECLAIR FuSa Pack, consisting of the ECLAIR Safety and Security Manual with all information and checklists for the adoption of ECLAIR in safety-related development, and ECLAIR’s TÜV SÜD certificate and report.


"Most of our customers are involved in safety-related development, and all face commercial pressures to get new software-enabled products to market, but that urgency should never override safety considerations. We wanted to help them to face this demand with minimal risk and on budget. As a leading software verification supplier across multiple industries, this is part of our continuous endeavor to secure a competitive advantage to our clients." — Lavinia Battaglia, BUGSENG’s President of the BOD


This new release enables engineers, even those relatively new to functional safety matters, to meet functional-safety requirements for multiple standards and develop compliant systems yet minimizing risk, development time, and cost.


"As an internationally accredited certification body for Functional Safety. TÜV SÜD offers proven capabilities, backed by international recognition, in the independent audit, verification, assessment and certification services in compliance with all major functional-safety standards. As a result of the testing based on our functional-safety certification program, we confirm that the ECLAIR Software Verification Platform from BUGSENG complies with the requirements of IEC 61508:2010 for any SIL, ISO 26262:2018 for any ASIL, EN 50128:2011 for any SIL, IEC 62304:2006 for any software safety class, and ISO 25119:2018 for any SRL." — Claudio Gregorio, Department Manager of the Functional Safety Software Certification Group at TÜV SÜD Rail


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