BUGSENG joins Arm's Functional Safety Partnership Program

Tue, 08/25/2020 - 11:57


Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program  promotes partners, such as BUGSENG, who specialize in the areas of software & tools, design services and training services and can reliably support their customers with industry leading functional safety services . Our team is very proud to join Arm's network for functional safety, reinforcing a partnership that dates back a long time.

Quoting our CTO, Roberto Bagnara: " BUGSENG products are an ideal match for the Arm development toolchains: both Arm C/C++ compilers versions 5 and 6 are supported, and so are Keil µVision and Arm Development Studio. Arm toolchains' customers have access to very advanced coding standard checking and bug finding tools without any tool configuration overhead. Some of the ECLAIR unique features, along with the fact that, as Arm Compiler 6, is based on clang opens the way to further integration opportunities."

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