BUGSENG at IWES-2023 Workshop in Florence

Tue, 08/29/2023 - 18:13


Meet us at the 8th Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES), which will take place in Florence (Auditorium B, Plesso Didattico Morgagni) on September 4 and 5.

The Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES) is a meeting point for the exchange of research experience in academy and industry on all aspects of embedded systems. On-site registration grants full access to IWES workshop sessions, coffee breaks and lunches.


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BUGSENG presents: C-rusted: a safe, secure and energy-efficient flavor of C

Tuesday, September 5th 14:40, Auditorium B

C-rusted is an innovative technology whereby C programs can be (partly) annotated so as to express: (1) ownership, exclusivity and shareability of language, system and user-defined resources; (2) dynamic properties of objects and the way they evolve during program execution; (3) nominal types and subtypes compatible with any standard C data type. The (partially) annotated C programs, being fully compatible with all versions of ISO C, can be translated with unmodified versions of any compilation toolchain capable of processing ISO C code. The annotated C program parts can be validated by static analysis: if the static analyzer flags no error, then the annotations are provably coherent among themselves and with respect to annotated C code, in which case said annotated parts are provably exempt from a large class of logic, security, and run-time errors. C-rusted is a pragmatic and cost effective solution to up the game of C programming to unprecedented integrity guarantees without giving up anything that the C ecosystem offers today.  That is, keep using C, exactly as before, using the same compilers and the same tools, the same personnel... but incrementally adding to the program the information required to demonstrate correctness, using a system of annotations that is not based on mathematical logic and can be taught to programmers in a week of training.


While the work on a book on C-rusted progresses, a significantly updated version of the paper C-rusted: The Advantages of Rust, in C, without the Disadvantages was released on August 26th, 2023.




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