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We are back from FOSDEM 2024, the most important gathering for free (as in speech) and open source developers.  This year's edition has been particularly lively and energizing with 952 speakers, 880 events, and 67 tracks.

BUGSENG had its recognition as a provider of tools and services for software verification.  We are particularly glad that we are involved, as providers of tooling, consulting and training, in three major OSS projects on their way towards functional safety certification: the Xen hypervisor, the Zephyr RTOS, and ELISA (Enabling Linux In Safety Applications).

The path toward certification of these projects has been well explained in the talk "How open source projects approach functional safety" of Nicole Pappler (AlektoMetis, Zephyr's functional safety manager) and Philipp Ahmann (Robert Bosch GmbH).  Furthermore, Nicole Pappler and Stanislav Pankevich (Reflex Aerospace GmbH, principal author of StrictDoc) gave a nice presentation on "Application of the SPDX Safety Profile in the Safety Scope of the Zephyr Project" (which included a nice overview of StrictDoc, the requirements management tool integrated in our ECLAIR Software Verification Platform).


Many other presentations were really interesting, way too many to be mentioned one by one.  We make an exception for the presentation of Thomas Nyman (Ericsson , leader of the "C/C++ Compiler Hardening Guide" initiative under the OpenSSF Best Practices Working Group): his presentation about the "Compiler Options Hardening Guide for C and C++", which helps developers make informed choices regarding compiler options to harden their software against prevalent software defects.  And, you know what?, such recommendations of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) are enforceable with ECLAIR.


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