Celebrating 10 years of BUGSENG

New ECLAIR safety-critical software development platform


Today, 16 December 2020, marks exactly 10 years since we launched BUGSENG. A couple of years before that time, in the context of national and European research project, our founder and CTO Roberto Bagnara was confronted with software verification tools that were clearly badly designed and not up to the job. And they were used for the verification of safety-critical software.

Game-changing qualification services and tool features


This month, the BUGSENG team is launching a raft of new services and support for developers, QA and safety teams. We’ve designed them in response to feedback from our customers about the continual challenges you face balancing safety with available resources, budgets and project deadlines. Our new ECLAIR 3.9.0 release has three valuable new features to help you.

New webinar demo: ECLAIR revolutionizes interfacing with IDEs


Apparently, Isaac Newton did some of his best work while isolating from the Great Plague of 1665/6. The enforced absence gave him time and space to develop his theories on calculus, optics and the laws of motion and gravity. We can’t claim that our work will be quite so world-changing, but we do believe we have solved an issue all static analysis tool vendors have been grappling with for years.