The Importance of Software Architectural Constraints and their Automatic Check


In the development of high-integrity software, all interactions between components must satisfy design constraints. Hierarchical levels must not be bypassed: if the design prescribes that software layer A cannot interact directly with layer C without the intermediation of layer B, this is something that must be verified.

Say "No" to MISRA Debts


The notion of technical debt was introduced by Howard G. Cunningham in 1992. It refers to the phenomenon whereby technical decisions are taken to obtain a short-term advantage at the cost of longer-term disadvantage. It is a powerful metaphor because technical debt and financial debt are indeed very similar.


Hurry is Hazardous: We Need Both Safety AND Efficiency

We live in a world where our safety increasingly depends on software. It has now become so deeply ingrained in many aspects of modern life that, quite literally at times, we can’t live without it. This reflects three broad, converging industry trends: increased software complexity, greater software dependency, and growing demand for fast, accurate, safety critical performance from software.

Game-changing qualification services and tool features

This month, the BUGSENG team is launching a raft of new services and support for developers, QA and safety teams. We’ve designed them in response to feedback from our customers about the continual challenges you face balancing safety with available resources, budgets and project deadlines. Our new ECLAIR 3.9.0 release has three valuable new features to help you.

Register for our new FREE MISRA C/C++ and BARR-C webinars

BUGSENG have been running MISRA C/C++ workshops, seminars and presentations across Europe and India in recent years. As a result, we’ve had several requests for some of this learning and expertise to be translated to a webinar format. We’re delighted to announce we’ve done just that and will be running the first five webinars from March to June.

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