PPL Prolog Language Interface  1.2
Compilation and Installation

When the Parma Polyhedra Library is configured, it tests for the existence of each supported Prolog system. If a supported Prolog system is correctly installed in a standard location, things are arranged so that the corresponding interface is built and installed.

The Prolog interface files are all installed in the directory prefix/lib/ppl. Since this includes shared and dynamically loaded libraries, you must make your dynamic linker/loader aware of this fact. If you use a GNU/Linux system, try the commands man ld.so and man ldconfig for more information.

As an option, the Prolog interface can track the creation and disposal of polyhedra. In fact, differently from native Prolog data, PPL polyhedra must be explicitly disposed and forgetting to do so is a very common mistake. To enable this option, configure the library adding -DPROLOG_TRACK_ALLOCATION to the options passed to the C++ compiler. Your configure command would then look like

path/to/configure --with-cxxflags="-DPROLOG_TRACK_ALLOCATION" ...