We are so proud to be in partnership with the very best. Together we can offer so much more to our customers all over the world: more integrated solutions and a more efficient and customized support. 


HighTec EDV Systeme the world's largest commercial open source compiler vendor. HighTec ensures independence for the future and the most reliable and secure tools for embedded software development. The HighTec C/C++ compiler is portable and always available for the latest chip revisions for our supported architectures ahead of general release. PXROS-HR is HighTec's ISO26262 ASIL-D / IEC61508 SIL-3 certified multi-core real-time operating system (RTOS) provides the highest level of data protection, functional safety and robustness. ECLAIR is fully compatible with HighTec toolchains.


Solid Sands, based in Amsterdam, is the leading provider of compiler testing and qualification technology in North-America, Europe and Asia. SuperTest, the best possible compiler test and validation suite, helps Solid Sands’ customers to achieve the compiler quality level required by the ISO language and functional safety standards. With its history in compiler development, its knowledge of past, current and upcoming versions of the C and C++ standards, and the development of new analysis and optimizations techniques for new use cases, Solid Sands stays at the forefront of tools testing and qualification. ECLAIR qualification kits can be seamlessly integrated with Solid Sands validation suites for MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012.

ECLAIR Distributors

Menlopark Technologies Private Limited, a leading embedded product distribution company, operates across aerospace, automotive and industrial verticals. From embedded hardware systems, model driven design tools, RTOS/OS, compiler, debuggers, middleware stacks and hardware and software testing tools. Menlopark distributes ECLAIR in APAC countries, except for China and Japan, and provides support to prospects throughout the entire evaluation process and to customers who chose ECLAIR for their projects.


Hitex GmbH is known for providing powerful tools and solutions for embedded developers. Hitex covers an extremely broad spectrum of the embedded design chain, including consulting, engineering and testing, tooling, training, software component selection as well as the production and manufacturing of prototypes and entire embedded systems. Hitex distributes ECLAIR in DACH countries and provides support to prospects throughout the entire evaluation process and to customers who chose ECLAIR for their projects.
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