The MC3 package is a combination of two of the many applications that run on top of ECLAIR, a powerful platform for the automatic analysis, verification, testing and transformation of C and C++ programs. This particular offer combines:

  • a state-of-the-art, medium-weight static analyzer suitable for execution on the developer’s desktop that almost completely automates the assessment of conformance with respect to MISRA C:2012 Revision 1 and following amendments;
  • a precise and flexible implementation of the source code metrics defined by HIS.


  • Proper coverage of MISRA-C:2012, not just MISRA-C:2004 in disguise: many rules are radically different and require different checkers.
  • No time wasted in writing compiler personality files (often of questionable correctness).
  • Automatic production of accurate faithful and (optionally) tamper-proof compliance matrices.
  • Real-time use from within most popular IDEs or batch use with reports stored in a database for later processing.
  • Guideline violation and metric reports optionally available to the entire development team and management using web-based technology.
  • Powerful mechanisms of differential reporting allow correlating changes in the code and the appearance/disappearance of violations (with possible interfaces to issue-tracking systems).
  • No stress: free consultancy services for the initial configuration. This includes full assistance to help your company make the transition to the MC3 package.


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MISRA C:2012 Revision 1 and following amendments

MISRA C:2012 Revision 1, with its subsequent amendments, is the software development C subset developed by MISRA for the motor industry, which has become a de facto standard for safety-, life-, and mission-critical embedded applications in many industries including aerospace, railway, medical, telecommunications and others.

Coverage and Precision

ECLAIR MC3 package offers the most extensive, properly said MISRA C:2012 coverage available on the market, by providing support for 100% of the guidelines.

Guidelines are enforced using very general and accurate checkers, which operate on the precise sequences of tokens and abstract syntax trees that are manipulated by the compiler. Coupled with the fact that ECLAIR always checks each guideline in the appropriate context (at the token, declaration, translation unit, whole program or whole system levels), this makes sure that the checkers for decidable rules are exact (neither false positives nor false negatives). For undecidable rules, ECLAIR MC3 package provides a medium-weight solution to the tradeoff among computational complexity, number of false positives and number of false negatives. In any case, when false negatives are possible, they are always clearly and unambiguosly delimited.

Compliance Matrices

ECLAIR can be configured to automatically produce compliance matrices required to meet contractual obligations and industrial standards such as ISO 26262. The compliance matrix is obtained from the actual configuration, which, if properly done, will contain the reason for each deviation. Thus, carrying its rationale, any deviation goes straight from the configuration to the matrix.

HIS Source Code Metrics

The HIS Software Test Working Group, recognizing the fact that software metrics provide an objective foundation to efficient project and quality management, specified a set of metrics to be used in the evaluation of software. These metrics allow software quality to be assessed in terms of complexity, testability, readability, maintainability and so forth, and the quality of the software development process.


ECLAIR MC3 package provides very precise and flexible coverage for all the HIS metrics with boundary limits apart from Si, namely: COMF, PATH, GOTO, v(G), CALLING, CALLS, PARAM, STMT, LEVEL, RETURN, VOCF, NOMV, NOMVP and ap_cg_cycle.

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