We are so proud to be in partnership with the very best. Together we can offer so much more to our customers all over the world: more integrated solutions and a more efficient and customized support. 


Bluewind Srl,  a recognized BUGSENG engineering partner, actively deploys ECLAIR tool to develop high-quality, high-reliabily software.

By implementing static and MISRA code analysis, and by increasing the robustness of testing, a high software engineering standard is obtained especially in all those environments which must comply with Functional Safety norms, like IEC 61508 (Industrial Safety) or ISO 26262 (Automotive Safety).

Bluewind usually works along with the customer team to integrate and deploy ECLAIR suite to obtain high reliability code in all mission critical and safety related projects.


HighTec EDV Systeme the world's largest commercial open source compiler vendor. HighTec ensures independence for the future and the most reliable and secure tools for embedded software development. The HighTec C/C++ compiler is portable and always available for the latest chip revisions for our supported architectures ahead of general release. PXROS-HR is HighTec's ISO26262 ASIL-D / IEC61508 SIL-3 certified multi-core real-time operating system (RTOS) provides the highest level of data protection, functional safety and robustness. ECLAIR is fully compatible with HighTec toolchains.


Solid Sands is the leading provider of compiler and library testing and qualification technology in North-America, Europe and Asia. Founded in 2014, Solid Sands is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With partners all over the world it serves both leading innovative companies in the semiconductor, IP and security industries as well as safety-critical companies in the automotive, robotics, railway and medical.

"Our mission is to put quality into C. We do that by improving the quality of C and C++ compilers, libraries and analysis tools, and by enabling their safe and secure use. With the quality level of our test suites, we stay at the forefront of software testing and qualification to help you achieve ISO compliance and functional safety standard requirements."

SuperTest Compiler Test and Validation Suite provides a complete validation environment which enables customers to achieve the software quality level demanded by the ISO language and functional safety standards. ECLAIR qualification kits can be seamlessly integrated with Solid Sands validation suites for MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012.

Meanwhile, SuperGuard C Library Safety Qualification Suite is a requirements-based test suite for the C standard library with full traceability between the requirements derived from the ISO C language definition and the individual library tests.

In 2021, BUGSENG has partnered with Solid Sands to develop the Application Hazard Scanner as part of their Compiler Qualification Service. Find out more.

In 2023, Solid Sands and BUGSENG  joined forces once again to develop the CerTran extension to ECLAIR which integrates seamlessly with Solid Sands’ SuperTest compiler test and validation suite.  CerTran is a CI-ready solution for automated translation toolchain validation. Learn more.

ECLAIR Distributors


GSAS Micro Systems Private Limited (GSASMSPL) was started in 2010 and incorporated in 2012 by a team of technical experts adept in identifying and providing end to end solutions in the electronics industry. GSAS aims to deliver innovative and leading solutions that up the game of its clients' businesses, creating an environment of trust and support according to GSAS principles of integrity. GSAS stands for Green, Scalable, Affordable as these echo the strategies GSAS employs to deliver solutions to its customers through excellent support and expertise.


Beijing Siener Electronics Tech. Development Ltd. is a well-established distributor of software tools and a provider of engineering services. Beijing Siener, which has a strong presence in the Chinese market since 2011, has particular expertise on multicore architecture processors, e.g., Infineon Tricore/Aurix. Beijing Siener offers technical and commercial support to leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with complementary toolchains, covering powertrain, electrical vehicles and autonomous driving applications, as well as compliance with ISO 26262. Beijing Siener's added value is a professional technical team with over 10 years of R&D experience in Tricore/Aurix, spacing from embedded software development to software testing, offering persistent and on time technical support. Beijing Siener is based in China with headquarters in Beijing and offices in Shanghai and Wuhan. Beijing Siener distributes ECLAIR in China and provides support to prospects throughout the entire evaluation process and to customers who chose ECLAIR for their projects.


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