ECLAIR Qualification Kits

ECLAIR qualification kits provide crucial help to safety teams in charge of qualifying the tool following the prescriptions of functional safety standards. The kits contain documents, test suites, procedures and automation facilities that can be used by the customer to obtain all the confidence-building evidence that is required to make a solid argument justifying the use of ECLAIR in safety-related projects.


  • Direct, explicit support for several functional safety standards: CENELEC EN 50128 (railway), ECSS-Q-ST-80C (space), IEC 61508 (industrial), IEC 62304 (medical), ISO 26262 (automotive), RTCA DO-178C/DO-330 (aerospace).
  • Support for MISRA coding standards: MISRA C:2004, MISRA C:2012, MISRA C++:2008.
  • Validated BUGSENG test suites allow for thorough validation of all ECLAIR output formats.
  • Validated BUGSENG test suites take into account all relevant implementation-defined aspects of C/C++.
  • Support for totally independent validation via the Solid Sands MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012 test suites.
  • Built-in antitampering features.
  • Users can add their own test cases.
  • Users can easily customize the documentation provided.
  • Test Automation Unit supplied in source form to allow for inspection.
  • Detailed reports allow running any test outside and completely independently from the qualification kit.
  • Licensed for single projects or for multiple projects.
  • No stress: generous number of hours of consultancy services are included to facilitate the qualification process.

Documents Provided

The following documents, which are explicitly mapped to the requirements of EN 50128, ECSS-Q-ST-80C, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262 and DO-178C/DO-330, are part of the qualification kits:

  • ECLAIR Qualification Kit User’s Manual Contains detailed information about the use of the qualification kit including a mapping to the supported functional safety-standards.
  • ECLAIR Safety Manual Contains information on the use of ECLAIR for the development of safetyrelated systems.
  • ECLAIR Test Automation Unit Manual Contains detailed information on the installation, verification and use of the Test Automation Unit.
  • ECLAIR Development Process Contains a high-level description of the processes used at BUGSENG for the development of ECLAIR.
  • ECLAIR Release Notes Contains information on ECLAIR releases since ECLAIR 2.3 along with matching releases of the ECLAIR Qualification Kits, where available.
  • ECLAIR Defect Report Contains information about known ECLAIR defects that may impact functional safety, along with instructions on how to obtain information on additional defects possibly discovered after the release of the qualification kit.
  • ECLAIR Qualification Report A template document that the user can easily integrate with test results that have been obtained by running the Test Automation Unit on the test suites, possibly along with any information supplementary to the ECLAIR Safety Manual.

BUGSENG Test Suites

BUGSENG test suites for MISRA C:2004, MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C++:2008 contain thousands of test cases developed by BUGSENG over a decade. They have been designed to cover ordinary as well as corner cases and cases where the presence/absence of MISRA guideline violations depends on particular combination of the implementation-defined aspects of the language.

Solid Sands Test Suites

Solid Sands, the makers of the renowned SuperTest compiler test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers, also produces test suites for MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012. Solid Sands MISRA suites contain two types of tests:

  1. The t-tests are meant to fully conform with the MISRA guidelines and should not trigger any diagnostics in the MISRA checking software; this class of tests is useful to catch the presence of unwanted false positives.
  2. The x-tests have been designed to contain a violation of each specific MISRA guidelines; these are helpful to prove the correctness and comprehensiveness of the ECLAIR tool to an accredited certification body.

The ECLAIR qualification kits for MISRA C:2004 and MISRA C:2012 have been designed to allow for plugging in the Solid Sands MISRA suites, thereby enabling totally independent validation.

Test Automation Unit

The Test Automation Unit (TAU) is written in Lua, a scripting language whose interpreter is characterized by small memory footprint and high speed. The TAU is supplied in source code, thereby allowing for easy inspection and independent assessment. Nonetheless, the TAU produces, along with the results obtained for each test case, the exact sequence of commands that allow reproducing the test without using any component of the qualification kit apart from the test case source code. Among the data produced by the TAU is a summary that can be directly included in the ECLAIR Qualification Report.


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