BUGSENG & Solid Sands at Functional Safety Training

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 16:00

15th January, Automotive Campus, Helmond, Netherlands

We are glad to announce that together with our partners Solid Sands, we will be doing a joint presentation at the Functional Safety Training organized by AutomotiveNL.

In our presentation "The Use of C in Compliance with ISO 26262: MISRA C and Compiler Qualification" we will discuss the importance of the C language in Embedded Computing and its good as well as its bad characteristics. Safe and secure programming in C is not easy but with programming guidelines such as MISRA, safe development in accordance with ISO 26262 is possible. In addition, we discuss the ISO 26262 qualification process of the compiler, which is the most safety critical tool in the software development process; what it takes to test a compiler; and some interesting compiler errors.

About Functional Safety Training

Product Design and Functional Safety go hand in hand. Products need to remain safe for users when components, or even worse, the entire system, fails. Functional Safety lets you manage risks, increase the sustainability and limit environmental risks of products.  

At this Functional Safety Training  you will be offered:

• A general introduction to Functional Safety, its processes and lifecycles;

• Risk analysis and evaluation;

• Key concepts based on automotive and machinery standards.

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