BUGSENG team, thanks to its strong knowledge of programming languages and coding standards, has helped industry leaders improve their development processes to minimize critical safety and quality issues as the code is being developed. To help our Customers with this transformation, we have created an extended set of services designed to assure the quality and safety of their own code.

Training and Education

Our training services on the effective deployment and use of BUGSENG products help ensure Customers are getting the most out of their technology investment.

In addition, BUGSENG delivers both public and customized on-site courses that may be specifically tailored to specific Customer's needs. Course topics include: the pitfalls of C and C++ programming; secure coding practices in C and C++; coding standards; integration of automatic software verification tools in the development workflow.

Consulting & Verification Services

BUGSENG Engineers regularly conduct software audit reviews and coding standards compliance verifications for our Customer; we provide also support in the definition of refactory plans to gradually bring the source code base into conformance.

Leveraging the flexibility and power of ECLAIR, we can develop custom code verifiers for the automatic verification of the conformity of code with respect to rules and criteria defined by and for Customer. We can also provide support with the automatization of complex software transformations and refactorings, including the porting to 64-bit architectures and to Unicode text representations.

Technical Support

BUGSENG Technical Support team members are product and technology experts with deep experience in the diverse coding standards and development environments deployed by our Customers.

Our regional operations around the globe provide outstanding local support for our Customers organizations in order to keep BUGSENG solution's always running optimally.

Services relating to the Parma Polyhedra Library

We are the architects and, since 2001, the core development team of the Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL). This is used worldwide in numerous applications that need to correctly and precisely reason about numerical quantities. These applications include compilers (such as GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection), model checkers, analyzers and verifiers for computer programs, digital and even analogic systems.

We offer a full range of services relating to the PPL: maintenance, support, installation, integration, specific custom development, and training.

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