The development of high-quality software is a tough task: BUGSENG designs software solutions for advanced source code static verification to assist development and quality assurance teams to realize that quality, as well as helping quality control teams assess its achievement.

Today our main Products are:

ECLAIR ECLAIR, a powerful and extensible framework for the verification of C, C++ and Java programs, and
PPL The Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL), a library of numerical abstractions especially targeted at applications in the field of analysis and verification of complex systems.

ECLAIR is a flexible and extensible framework for the analysis of C and C++ source code. Applications range from coding rule validation, to automatic generation of testcases, to the proof of absence of run-time errors or generation of counterexamples, and to the specification of code matchers and rewriters based both syntactic and semantic conditions.

The extreme flexibility of ECLAIR allows it to be tailored for any software verification problem and to any software development process. The coding rules are specified in a very high-level language using a powerful library of services, something that greatly facilitates the adoption of project-specific coding rules.

As each application is packaged separately, there is only one ECLAIR but many possible ECLAIR-based tools. Some of them are standard, because of convergent industrial demand: this is the case for the MISRA C + HIS Metrics ECLAIR package. Others have been customized to exactly suit the Customer needs so, in a sense, they are unique to the Customer.

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