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If you are interested in the Parma Polyhedra Library, you may want to visit the following sites.

Brother Projects

  • CHINA: A data-flow analyzer for CLP languages.
  • CLAIR: The Combined Language and Abstract Interpretation Resource.
  • PURRS: The Parma University's Recurrence Relation Solver.


Other Libraries

  • Polylib: a library of polyhedral functions designed and programmed by Doran Wilde and Hervé Le Verge.
  • New Polka was a library to handle convex polyhedra by Bertrand Jeannet, now integrated into Apron (see below). New Polka was mainly based on PolyLib and on the POLINE (POLyhedra INtegrated Environment) library by Nicolas Halbwachs and Yann-Erik Proy. POLKA (POLyhedra desK cAlculator) is an easy-to-use interface to POLINE, also written by Halbwachs and Proy. The features provided by the Polka library had been a starting point for our implementation.
  • PolyLib: the successor of the library by Wilde and Le Verge.
  • cdd/cdd+/cddlib: programs and library implementing the Double Description Method of Motzkin et al. ['MRTT53, FP96].
  • lrslib: a self-contained ANSI C implementation of the reverse search algorithm for vertex enumeration/convex hull problems.
  • pd: an implementation of a primal-dual algorithm for vertex and facet enumeration.
  • PORTA (POlyhedron Representation Transformation Algorithm): a collection of routines for analyzing polytopes and polyhedra.
  • Polymake: a versatile tool for the algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra.
  • The Apron numerical abstract domain library.

Tools We Use to Develop the PPL

  • Doxygen: Source code documentation generator tool.
  • git2cl.pl: A script for converting Git log messages to ChangeLog files.
  • bibtex2html: a collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML.

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