We built ECLAIR to improve software quality. Period.

Software is everywhere. It's in our appliances, our vehicles, and even in our medical devices. Software quality has never been more important: reputations and even lives depend on it. Yet with today's competitive world of tight deadlines, it's not easy to produce high-quality software.

That's why we built ECLAIR. It's the only MISRA compliance tool to produce accurate, complete results. ECLAIR works on the desktop to find critical defects while software is being coded, in the context of the build environment. ECLAIR also runs on the server to analyze entire projects. This eliminates the guesswork associated with other verification platforms, reduces cost and provides a true picture of MISRA compliance.

BUGSENG is the company behind ECLAIR. We are bringing the world's best software quality compliance tool to developers all around the world, helping them build better, more reliable systems at lower cost.

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