PPL Mailing Lists

One of the best ways to keep yourself informed about the Parma Polyhedra Library is by means of mailing lists. Here you can find a description of the lists, some essential information on subscriptions and postings, plus a note on our anti-spam measures.

The Active Lists

Currently, we have activated two mailing lists.


This is a very low-volume list for announcements about PPL, such as new versions of the library or tools for library users. Subscribe, if you plan to use the library or just want to know about new versions and features.
ppl-announce@cs.unipr.it is open, moderated, and archived.


This is the the mailing list where all the messages concerning the development of the PPL should be directed: technical issues, bug reports, users' feedback, clarifications on the use of the library or requests for new features... all these should be sent to the list (and not to individual developers). At present, log messages generated by Git pushes and other Git commands are sent to this list.
Note that you do not need to subscribe in order to post to this mailing list. You will though need to subscribe if you want to work on the library or would like to follow its development.
ppl-devel@cs.unipr.it is open (i.e., everyone can subscribe but you need not to subscribe to post a message), unmoderated, and archived .

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

The most convenient way to subscribe or unsubscribe from a list is by means of the web interfaces:

From a web interface you can subscribe, unsubscribe or change your subscription options. For instance, one interesting option is the possibility of receiving mail from the list batched in a daily digest so that you receive at most one message per day.

You can also subscribe, unsubscribe or change your options using an email-based interface; you can get info about using it by sending a message with just the word `help' as subject or in the body, to

If you have questions and concerns about the mailing lists that require the attention of a person (as opposed to a computer program), send a message to

Our mailing list management system is GNU Mailman. If you want to get the most out of the system, there is a short user guide for list subscribers.


Posting a message to a list is easy: just send your contribution to

Note that messages sent to moderated lists will go to the list moderators for approval. These messages will be sent to the list subscribers only when and if approved.

Important Note

We have serious concerns regarding email spam. Our server uses a variety of methods to block spam (e.g., it does not accept email from open relays, it uses several databases to block email coming from blacklisted hosts and so forth). Moreover, our mailing lists are all moderated so that you can count on never receiving spam through them.

We are a passionate team of experts. Do not hesitate to let us have your feedback:
You may be surprised to discover just how much your suggestions matter to us.