MISRA-C:2012 + HIS Metrics package has been released

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 00:00

ECLAIR's MISRA-C:2012 + HIS Metrics package offers the most extensive, properly said MISRA-C:2012 coverage available on the market, by providing support for around 95% of the guidelines. (Beware of fakes: MISRA-C:2012 cannot be covered by remapping MISRA-C:2004 checkers!)

The checkers for decidable rules are exact (neither false positives nor false negatives). For undecidable rules, ECLAIR's MISRA-C:2012 + HIS Metrics package provides a medium-weight solution to the tradeoff among computational complexity, number of false positives and number of false negatives. In any case, when false negatives are possible, they are always clearly and unambiguously delimited.

MISRA-C:2012 is the latest software development C subset developed by MISRA for the motor industry, which is now a de facto standard for safety-, life-, and mission-critical embedded applications in many industries including aerospace, railway, medical, telecommunications and others.

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