Tue, 11/05/2019 - 10:52

30thNovember, Department of Engineering Parma University 

To celebrate the C++ Day 2019, we are happy to announce that our CTO Roberto Bagnara will give a talk about "MISRA C++: A Subset of C++ for the Development of High-Integrity Systems".  The talk has been coauthored by Roberto and Chris Tapp who, among other things, is the Chairman of the MISRA C++ Working Group.  The abstract of the talk follows.

C++ is increasingly used for the development of safety- and mission-critical systems.  Among other reasons, C++ penetration in these challenging sectors is strongly pushed by market demand concerning new machine learning methodologies and applications such as advanced driver assistance systems.  While C++ improves upon C by providing linguistic support for features that allow programmers writing safer code, C++ presents numerous traps and pitfalls that can easily result into defective, unreadable, unmaintainable and difficult to test software.  Such traps and pitfalls come both from the past (non-definite behavior in the language for historical reasons), the nature (behavior resulting from the possibility of accessing the hardware with low-level constructs), and the evolution (e.g., the rate at which new features are added) of the language.  In this talk we present MISRA C++, a subset of C++ that has been designed to greatly reduce the possibility of unwanted and non-definite program behaviors, and to improve code readability, maintainability and testability.  We will first explain the non-definite behaviors of C++ and their origin.  We will then introduce MISRA C++, its history and evolution and how it is part of a software development process that addresses the requirements of functional safety standards.  We will also cover the planned evolution of MISRA C++ including its relationship with AUTOSAR C++:14.

Room F    |    15.30-16.20 (50')
Address: Parco Area delle Scienze, 69/A Parma, 43124 Italy


About Chris Tapp:

Chris Tapp, Keylevel Consultants Limited, is a Technical Specialist at LDRA with more than 30 years’ experience of embedded software development. Graduating from the University of Durham in 1987, Chris has spent most of his career working within the automotive, industrial control and information technology industries. He has been involved with MISRA since 2001 and is currently chairman of the MISRA C++ Working Group and an active member of the MISRA C Working Group. Chris is also a member of working group ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG23 – Programming Language Vulnerabilities.  He has been with LDRA since 2007.



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